Waterless Tattoos:    More Sanitary,  Less Mess,  More Fun,  Affordable!  
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Waterless Tattoos: Benefits
9 Compelling Benefits of Waterless Temporary Tattoos
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More Sanitary: No More Spitting!
I have children, so I speak from personal experience, kids DO use their spit to apply Conventional Temporary Tattoos (CTT's). But with Waterless Tattoos — there's no more spitting! Simply peel off the backer sheet, lay the Waterless Tattoo face down on skin, press and hold for :40 to :50 seconds and peel off the liner.  No fuss … no mess! Consider that bacteria and viruses — that cause everything from the common cold and flu to meningitis — can be spread through saliva. You'll agree that Waterless Tattoos deliver a health AND a public relations benefit.
Less Mess/Great for Indoor Events.
Speaking of “mess”, Waterless Tattoos are less messy because there’s no water involved. A great benefit especially when you have little kids at an indoor event. No need for water, wet towels or rags. Because you don’t need water to apply Waterless Tattoos, that's one less thing to plan for at an event. Less mess and less planning. Sound good?

Waterless Tattoos also apply to paper, eggs, plastic, metal, fiberglass and glass. This expands the use of Waterless Tattoos in the arts and craft arena. Let your mind wander, and you'll find new uses for Waterless Tattoos, too.

More Comfortable to Apply in Cold Weather.
Here in Michigan, there’s a nip in the air during football season. I was watching my son play and noticed a mom putting the water type temporary tattoos on her kids using a wet paper towel. It was a little cold to say the least … sorta took the fun out of it for the kids.  

Comfort is a benefit of the Waterless Tattoos. How enjoyable for a child having mommy or daddy’s warm hand pressed against their cheek to apply a Waterless Tattoo. It’s definitely better than a cold, water or spit-soaked paper towel.

Positive Image.
Because of the way water-type temporary tattoos are manufactured, the image appears backwards prior to being applied. Totally custom, Waterless Tattoos on the other hand, make a better presentation because your company logo, picture or wording is right-reading —  right from the start. That also makes it easier to proof … what you see is what you get.  

Waterless Temporary Tattoos start at just 10¢ each for 2500 pcs … that’s just $250 + S&H and applicable sales tax or HST. At 10,000 pcs the price drops to just 7¢ a unit. Click Pricing Chart.

Waterless Tattoos 5% Referral Incentive Program
As far as we know, WaterlessTattoos.com is the only waterless tattoos provider that will give you 5% of any waterless tattoos sale we make as a result of your referral. We will send you 5% of the gross (less applicable sale tax, freight and artwork charges) of every Waterless Tattoos sale we make as a result of your referral. 

So when you tell others about Waterless Tattoos and WaterlessTattoos.com, make sure they mention your name so you can get paid.  Want to discuss it? Call us at 517-589-0008. We reserve the right to end the program at any time. Departments can refer other departments of the same company/organization. While your referral does not have to mention your name or company/organization prior to pricing discussions, your referral must mention your name or your company/organization prior to the order being placed into production.

Free Samples
I'm happy to provide free samples to qualified businesses, companies, educators, PTO's, churches and non-profit organizations who have a genuine interest in exploring the use of Waterless Tattoos in their promotional marketing programs. Call us at 517-589-0008 or e-mail us at hello@waterlesstattoos.com and I'll send you some free samples. Test drive BEFORE you buy. I believe you'll marvel at how easy Waterless Temporary Tattoos are to use. Be sure and let me know how many other people you gotta run it by,  so I send you enough.

Totally Customizable
Waterless Tattoos are totally customizable and will please the corporate ID police because everything is right-reading. Waterless Tattoos are printed using 4-color process (plus white at no extra charge) that allows you to reproduce logos, wording, slogans, photos ... whatever you want. However, because the imprint method is 4 color process, exact PMS matching is not possible.

We also print WHITE as a 5th color for FREE! Others will charge you for white! BEWARE.

Instructions Printed On The Back of Waterless Tattoos.
Talk about end-user friendly!

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